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Elle Onyx is an electronic music DJ and producer. Shortly after moving to London, she embraced the underground house scene and was inspired to start curating her own personal sound through emotive and energetic mixes. Now back in the USA she is bringing her taste for European house music to the thriving underground scene. Forever in pursuit of a good party and new music, Elle is still constantly traveling to discover the fresh sounds and party each city has to offer.

Elle is a former resident DJ of Dance Summit and has been a guest on Data Transmission Radio. She now works mainly with progressive trance and melodic techno sounds. Elle started the label 'Of Onyx' which is a fiercely egalitarian music label, completely balanced in female and male producers. She curates the Of Onyx Égalité playlist for the label.

Her debut track, aptly named Serilda (a female name of German origin meaning armed maiden of war) was released on her independent label on September 13th, 2018, and acted as a representative for her attack on the way the often misogynistic music industry treats female artists, for which she is an activist for change.




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